Innerspace Lightcase

The Innerspace Lightcase is a custom Subtle Soul Studio design created by hand weaving sterling silver spirals into a pouchlike pendant to hold single or multiple crystal prescriptions used for vibrational healing. The small case holds one crystal, the medium case holds three crystals, and the large case holds five crystals. The Innerspace Lightcase on display is large.

Email for a consultation. During the consultation we will discover the crystal or crystal combination to best support you and assist in your healing process.

"Crystals provide a gentle, non-invasive form of healing that co-operates with your body's inner healer, a repair mechanism that brings things back into balance or homeostasis. Working through vibration, resonance, and colour, crystals heal holistically and dissolve dis-ease - that is to say, they act on your body, mind, psyche, and spirit to restore equilibrium and rectify the underlying causes of a condition. Crystals are concerned with subtle electromagnetic energies and much of their work is done through realigning the biomagnetic sheath, or aura, that surrounds the physical body, and cleansing the chakras, the energy centers that link the two together. 

While crystals work quickly for minor ailments, such as a headache, other conditions can take longer to heal. The habits of a lifetime and the ingrained attitudes that can underlie a disease, for instance, will not change overnight but with persistence crystals can transmute these to bring about a lasting improvement in your condition. However, healing does not necessarily imply a cure. Crystal healing takes into account the fact that your soul may be learning through your condition, and, if this is so, the crystals will support you as you move through the process. 

One of crystal healing's most profound effects is in helping you to uncover the psychosomatic causes of disease or dis-ease. Dis-ease is the subtle precursor to disease. It is not being comfortable in your physical body. Many people believe that 'psychosomatic' means that the illness is a fabrication of the mind. This is not so. Psychosomatic means that emotions and mental attitudes are affecting the physical body and causing disease, a situation which crystals can improve. 

The mind is closely involved in crystal healing. Belief in the process speeds things up, but you do not have to believe, merely to keep an open mind. The Tibetans, like many ancient peoples, have used crystals for thousands of years, and see closed-mindedness as one of the major causes of disease. They also believe, as many Western doctors, that the body has a natural tendency towards wellness and that if you listen to your body, you will instinctively know what is good for you. So when you are attracted to a particular crystal, it will be because that crystal has properties which resonate with what your body or psyche needs." - Judy Hall author of The Crystal Bible