Chakra Balance Bags

Subtle Soul Studio's hand formulated and hand crafted Chakra Balance Bags are blends of vibrational medicine composed of plant, crystal, and color energy. Arranged with an outer hemp bag adorned with an embroidered chakra colored symbol patch, inside contains compartments with two smaller herbal pouches brimming with blends of organic herbs and organic essential oils.  Each inner pouch is stamped with chakra specific colored symbols for identity. Located within accommodates yet another small drawstring envelopment containing 5 crystals. Three are chakra specific crystals, a fourth crystal to amplify and reinforce the energy, and a fifth crystal to continuously cleanse and clear the dense energies that emerge during the healing process. Four hemp snap on belts used to tie the chakra bag onto the body accompany each bag. This allows for a snug "stay in place" fit used for single chakra focused healing. This option offers the ability to carry on with daily routines or even sleep while receiving the vibrational healing of the chakra balance bag. The crystals can be interchanged with other crystals for enhanced specialized healing uses. 

The frequency or vibration of each Chakra Balance Bag is generated by a meticulous selection of chakra distinct healing organic herbs, organic essential oils, chakra balancing crystals and colors. Each of these medicinal components is naturally vibrating to a frequency that uplifts the chakra and delivers it back into a healthy balanced state. When the herbs, oils, crystals, and colors are unified in the Chakra Balance Bag, they serve as a means of concentrated energetic therapy. Each component in itself and combined is a modality of vibrational medicine, an ancient and future form of healing.

Please email if you need assistance or have questions about which chakra balance bag is right for you. Subtle Soul Studio also offers consultations for custom crystal prescriptions for even more specific and individual healing. Please email for inquiries.

About Chakras

Chakras are spinning wheels of pure light filtering information and energy in and out of the body.  There are seven main chakras that begin at the base of the spine and end at the crown of the head.   They are found in the aura or the 8th chakra, an electromagnetic force field which surrounds every living being.  The energy of the aura is that of our thoughts and feelings, and the chakras concentrate and coordinate the flow of these subtle energies.  Chakras transform cosmic energy into frequencies the human body can understand in the form of thought, emotion, and physical sensation. The source of illness and diseases, as well as health and wellbeing, originate from the chakra system. 

Each chakra is represented by a color of the rainbow. When balanced, our chakras bring us health, love, personal empowerment, and connection to the earth and the universe. They process vibrations between the outer world and the physical body and soul, transmitting healing energy and spiritual information to us. When they are blocked or distorted (usually as a result of repressed emotions, limiting beliefs, generational patterns and other influences that interrupt our connection to our true selves), we often experience physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual illness. 

Each chakra correlates to a set of emotions and health issues. Vibrational medicine, such as plant energy, can unblock a chakra by interrupting destructive feedback loops and clearing the vibrational pattern that is causing discord in the body. In doing so it harmonizes the energy of that chakra and alters our perception of reality and what we attract into our lives.

Use this chakra chart to learn more about chakras and determine which Chakra Bag/Bags or if the entire Chakra Balance System is most essential for your personal healing.