Sevak Karan Kaur

"I tell you today and I’ll tell you tomorrow and I’ll tell you every day: You have only one friend — you and your discipline which will give you all that you need. The rest are all promises."  -Yogi Bhajan

Sevak Karan Kaur teaches the importance of a daily sadhana (spiritual) practice and includes the fundamentals of the yogic lifestyle in her classes. She brings her humor and life experiences with a light and fun yet deep and intuitive approach to her teaching style.

She explores and immerses into the depths of kundalini yogic kriyas, pranayams, mantras, and extended meditations which allows the practitioner the ability to "drop into" their practice and truly experience a shift in energy and consciousness. 

After 14 years Sevak Karan Kaur continues to evolve as a teacher and finds boundless joy in sharing the deeply healing and transformational teachings of Kundalini Yoga.

IKYTA registered yoga teacher


KRI Level 1 Golden Bridge, NYC Gurmukh Khalsa

KRI Level 2 Yoga West, Vancouver, BC Guru Raj Kaur and Krishna Kaur

Hatha 200hr Burlington VT

Certified and Insured